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tubercular invasion. If a child witli enlarged tonsils or

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The authors observations were carried out on ten normal pregnant

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form a diagram is given of the apparatus used and the tracings

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lower border of the eighth rib anteriorly with the fingers of the

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the probable causes of the cases of idiocy reported. The question

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recently Mr. Pitts has recorded a case where a growth

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times two of equal size but seldom more. It has however been

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fecet. Examination of the urine after the paroxysm reveals bile and an

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fered w i t li when flying over porches. The best way to

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was the first journal of its kind that had appeared

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was at this time neither diminished acuity of vision nor

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that day and the next and the day after I bled them in

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the retina becomes accultomed to the greater ftimulus of the

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part of the brain. They have heen classified as inebriants

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best plan was to begin the operation with everything prepared for

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Xanthoma diabeticorum occurs as a very rare complication. Up to

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tive evidence to bring forward to show that small pox may be

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be taken at a meat meal and is best consumed fasting fairly

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Qravenhurst Sanitarium The main building of the Graven

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sion detected dullness at the lower part of the lung and ausculta

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longer apparent and the spa lt e between basement membranes is occupied b.y

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quite hot water usually rendered alkaline by the addi

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Certain forms of penurious anemia have a relationship with hemo

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contains an excessive quantity of proteids the energy exchange

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daresay our readers are not prepared for the follow

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capillary wall osmosis and diapedesis occur thus the tissues

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curvature with structural changes however slight. He regarded them

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be remembered however that in coughing and sneezing and

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Comedo he thought had no influence upon acne and may be

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transmit by stretching the valve had rendered it useless and

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collected and classified almost all the plants of our country and he

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it is possible to the natural or wild state and cannot fail

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again. He remained in very infirm health with miserably depressed

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cases of emergency and will probably prove useful in many conditions

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