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    Col. Peier C Field surgeon Licirt CoL Lloyd L. Smith
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    malarial treatment giving arsenic quinine and iron. Neuralgic pains
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    Class VL sweat and even of blood by a sudden paroxysm of agony
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    istration in each case. Some five or six cases have been more or
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    variety is due to corresponding changes taking place in the
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    It is axiomatic that the bodies of the vertebrae move least
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    what grounds do we seek to bring about a disappearance of glycosuria
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    When the broad ligaments are exceptionally wide or when one
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    care about the internecine disputes among the Fellows
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    adventitial lymph channels of the intra cerebral vessels enters the arachnoid
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    In the setting of tuberculosis hypersensitivity to intra
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    vaguely and perfectly unconscious of surrounding obiects pulse and fall
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    appearing when lactation ended. M. Leconte on the other hand
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    the vagus can stimulate the muscles supplied by the ninth and
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    Hospital Demonstrator of Anatomy and Operative Surgery in
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    nausea unable to retain her breakfast. Could digest her dinner
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    diarrhoea. Later jaundice and ascites may occur with paroxysmal pain
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    cases it was an anaerobe and not easy to cultivate.
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    ton passed on the thirteenth day without pain. An op
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    It appears that the unmarried make the most successful aviators
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    As mentioned by Corson White and Ludlum the number of positive
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    agnosis to be correct in every case. He says also that
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    quests the American Medical Association to direct its
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    In horses suffering from aortic insufficiency the pulse is almost
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    in which Mr. Smith had removed at two sittings fourteen ounces
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    which may be owing to their being more liable to perpetual varieties
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    sidered the question of anaesthetics and stated that he
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    which we have recently had in the hospital and in other instances
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    nia have so far rendered the progress of the case very satisfac
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    Board in conducting its examinations. On investigation of an applicant s
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    he Impressed upon his audience the value of repetition as making
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    smaller in short than in long bones and it is also most
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    ance. This result they consider bears out what might
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    was court physician to the Emperor Julian and wrote his
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    A long and complete paper is communicated by Holding on the
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    York stated that in his experience the use of the con
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    saccharine matter contained in the vegetable must have
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    During convalescence the patient should be guarded against recrudescences
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    determined are made at the rate of one meter per minute
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    way under the circumstances for the doctor to get such
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    ensued sixty and sixty eight hours after the operation eight and twenty
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    of a diet of heated milk and lack of antiscorbutic food considered in
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    them in other ways. But even then the principle was
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    parison unless I have misunderstood his account of it is that
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    Death has made serious inroads in our ranks this past year.
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    sometimes impossible to screw the cells up to put the battery in