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fected a few moments before the firing took place with

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The preceding record of 420 cases of Tetanus, arranged very nearly chronologically,

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every rule of asepsis. That the Anglican Litany, dating from the

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the latter. They appear in the form of whitish dots, plaques, or streaks,

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done properly and competently by very few men in this

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hydrochloride (sinequan)

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and obliteration of the fourth ventricle were found. Another patient

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prevalent, and in 1905 we had only U cases and quite a num-

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circulation. From this latter cause acute fatal oedema of the lung may

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the peripheral zone, there is formed a biconcave lens-shaped figure,

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medal. Served in the Indian campaign, and was present in the

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Fever Hospital of Limerick, report of, by Dr. Geary, . 378

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in all ; one of them will probably die within 48 hours of

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dered a new catalogue necessary ; and this task has

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absence of part of the bony wall of the thorax on the left side

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breathing begins, wrap patient warmly, rub limbs and body

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depends upon disease of the left hemisphere ; and also with

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appeared upon complete evacuation, careful curetting,

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temperature, but notice that, as often hapjjens in such

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the object of treatment is to prevent this reaction from taking place

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off in St. Bartholomew's Hospital a pailful and a half of fluid, of watery con-

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tion, that is, during the inflammatory stage, 9,nd before the

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tong-ue, poor appetite, headache, lassitude, and mental depression may

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though not fatal. We want weekly returns of sickness, but

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Wickman," whose work ranks in importance with that of Heine and

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Corporations, unions, etc., frequently profess skepticism with

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the Jews, among whom diabetes is disproportionately frequent,

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and thorough treatise on the Materia Medica extant, in any language.

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given with advantage, in dofes of ten grains every three hours, in

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has now been extended to horses, sheep, oxen, dogs, guinea-pigs,

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from writer's cramp. Over and above this, all such measures

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two confidential clerks attend to all the compounding ; but ยป

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mcdius and tensor vaginae femoris covered by the fascia lata.

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at their heads pei'sons closely identified with large busi-