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third column represent the number out of these 17,000 who would
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readily in water, has been shown by experiment to neutralize the diphtheria
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still, giving off branches, breaking up into segments, and producing numerous
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the morning of the 19th of April, 1864, he was called
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pothesis might be necessary for our guidance. But we have
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solution of milk-sugar had as strong an attraction for
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stale roll and a glassful of water (Probefruhstuck) j
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graphic and illuminating power of micro-organisms in which
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Surmont has reported a case of ptosis of the left eye, and rotation
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objection which we find against this portion of the author's narrative, and
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wasoular canals not hitherto noticed — viz., the probability of
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of nervous strain; (2) disturbance in the sexual sphere, and (3) tobacco.
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contrast to resectional surgery for benigm disorders. With-
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anks are dull, and the intestines floating on the top of the
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7. Mr. R., age 44, has had several attacks of renal colic on
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ence in the empty stomach argues that their presence is not merely an
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of onset may be overcome, so that the disease may reach the subacute
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ability, we admire them because of their untiring energy, we love
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Polyclinic, Oct. 24, '96.) - Dr. Thos. J. Mays recommends this treatment in cases
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an excrement and is expelled from the body together
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the immediate cause of death. In a certain group death may not ensue,
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mumps, measles, scarlet fever, typhus fever, infantile paralysis, small-
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encephaloid cancer. Neither does it at all resemble that of the
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— an examination conducted entirely in Spani'ih. Nor then
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•pasm on •• point pressure." This child had been seen
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viii, 257-262. AZso, Eeprint Coronado (T. V.) Trata-
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attention. In this class of cases we have a condition in
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that it attacks hair readily when it is detached from the scalp, that
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with every prospect of further increase. The Board of
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and there was no tension of the globes. An ophthalmoscopic
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in the small intestine is the simultaneous division of the
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Moore, Sir J., two unusual cases of enteric fever, 66.
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respect that out of a total of 100 patients, whose length of employment
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pushed aside, there is dulness anteriorly, instead of tympany,
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once secreting structure. Glandular structure, nerve struc-
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lieve her life was prolonged with some comfort solely
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ber. Meanwhile, it certainly is of great advantage to the
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smaller ulcer had appeared on the outer edge of the foot
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emotions fall most heavily upon mankind at this period. Of the
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lymphoblastic proliferation, completely obliterating the mucous,
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Some Contributions to the Pathology of Influenza. — A. Was-
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The most interesting portion of this section is that which relates to