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Lttle iodine. The vapor of iodine is absorbed by the camphor, which
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patient, a locomotive engineer in charge of a A'ery large and power-
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planted May 9 with hand drill ; sprouted May 18, came
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the ' Tnternational Medical Annual" aid greatly in meeting this
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is nearly so frequently operative as is fright. So, too, mental strain, such
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1. Transactions of the Obstetrical Soc/'cti/ of London. Vol. XIII. For the
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His first careful investigation of the subject dates from about
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The next day the patient grew restless and slightly deliri-
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gris, M. J. E. (Centreville); Perry, G. T. (Natick); Wood, G. L.
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confidentially, at no cost to me, and that notification of my
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the squares, near the monument of Washington, the figure of
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of plants and animals should be based as little as possible upon physiological
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XVII. The Journal itself consists of 136 pages, compris-
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The kidnejt were gpranalar, bat there were no alterations
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compensation which prevented its appearance. But when, as
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space of at least several inches in extent, in every direction. A thorough-
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W. C, /. Am. Chem. Soc, 1917, xxxix, 790) in connection with the action of
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the lower teeth, lips, and chin on the left side, with a well-marked
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topic I have held to be not entirely foreign to the
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If natural abilities, varied information, great industry, a ready
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Mr. Hturgis, in 1890. Mr. Bturgis' farm is situated upon the
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GSUR 530. A three-week trauma team rotation is required as part of the basic surgical clerkship.
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the year 1803 was $1,760,489,273, an increase of only i per cent., which might easily have
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resume, Dr. Leroy HuiiB.\RlJ gives his opinion as to
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ramus may have a correct diagnosis of a given disease, or that he
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the condition is relieved, and the sub-acute, lasting a month
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being so completely flexed as to be straight with the line of the legs. It
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sistant surgeons upon the same footing as second lieuten-
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deaths on the admissions in the typhus and enteric forms was almost identical,
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which constituted the greater part of the hypertroi:)hied organ. In two
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suffered from this disease. Koch, a German physician, then
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and incidents of the case, together with the physical signs. Bulging of
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pid and dangerous congestion of the liver, which finally yielded to
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commence at his birth, and of his teeth with those which first
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intense agony. In short, he had all the symptoms of acute pleuritis on
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tropics ; to which I may add, that it is also the most
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The intravenous injection was repeated on a third pigeon with 0.1 c. c.
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the chest, and a cramped feeling in the hands. No dis-