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were at Scutari (on the Bosphorus opposite Constantinople) and

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Influences the rate of beat of the dog's heart, but the tempera-

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climacteric, iind in :ill tlu; ciiwes so far dcscrihcd Iiuh

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had advanced, refractory colon or rectal cancer, malig-

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assist digestion, when necessary. At first nourish-

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there is stenosis, or regurgitation, or a dilated heart, or all three,

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these changes are partly due to the asphyxia and partly to the

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work. He has tried the saline treatment of peritoniris in

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Furthermore, serologic evidence of previous infection

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signify the return of the blood urea within the foregoing limits of con-

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which was probably typhoid fever but makes no mention of an autopsy

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As yet very rare in the state. Collected at Sugg*s Road by B. C.

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pleasant feeling than an unpleasant one, that we are very often

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creased slowly in intensity until it finally became fairly constant.

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with the causation of phthisis pulmonalis, and it is upon the

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much doubt, especially in the east, and near large cities,

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The medico-legal suggestions seem to us of very little practical value,

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administration of the iodid of potash. Later the breast was incised as it

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permanent hospitals furnished with standing equipment. In

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some practitioners have given hypodermic injections of mor-

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ber 27 one drain was removed. Four weeks later the drainage ceased

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hard egg, a little cayenne, mace, salt, and white pepper, with

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Muscular acquirements, to he well learned, mtist he learned in early

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in the same artery, to see the utter impossibility of any such circulation

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of all the members of the family — when and where parents were

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cribrosa, or it may be filled up, so that the surface of the disc looks

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yeUow oxide of mercury ointment (grs. 10-20). An ointment of copper

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The volume treats on Sulphur, Bolpharous Acid, Sulphite of Lime, Hyposulphite of Lime, Sulphuric Acid, Acid-

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culations of monkeys and guinea-pigs in perpetuating IJocky ^Mountain

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fourths. Cliildren, therefore, seem to be less readily infected by the