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The second case was that of a female, 32 years of age, equally af-

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Description. — These names are employed to designate the minnte

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Pain, tenderness, abdominal distention, and diarrhoea.

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Eye. — Conjunctivitis, erythematous and phlyctenular, is met with,

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Towards morning there is a tendency to a depression of

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'* Hahnemann Statue Committee.' Subsciption blanks can be

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or the change of a warm, variable, humid, relaxing climate for an atmos-

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about glycosuria. The undue frequency of diabetes among

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There are several considerations which lend countenance to this hypo-

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we will divide it into the relaxing and the antispas-

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officers or soldiers who would otherwise be carried as missing on the

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of its adjustment. When in use, the anaesthetist sits at the head

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The condition is produced h\ the enlargement of the primary papule,

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The first examination, on May 15th, disclosed the presence in the vagina of

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BovKiL Limited, of Montreal, exhibited their excellent prepara-

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lar patient and comes to me for examination, why is not that a consul-

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ment, may be treated by hypnotic influence, but only in the hands of

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muscle already weakened by the action of heated blood

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2ht. — To-day lie can lift his knee from the bed and can

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rious night ; the boy answered me correctly, the eye had again

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charged. Shortly afterwards she returned to her work as a

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sisting of small quantities of jelly, beef-tea with

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cure will be easy enough, although it may take many