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. during the remainder cf the day and night, and until noon

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junction, filled with fibrinous material and pus-cells.

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or fortnightly, should be given. Three courses should be

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for the future ; appropriations have been secured which,

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June 16th. — Rather drowsy to-day and yawning incessantly. Dressed.

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ease. The discomfort is not great enough to cause the patients

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almost hopeless. An incision was made beginning at a sinus opening

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To quote from the same author: "A large number of cases of tuberculosis

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to escape. Inflammatory products already outside the vessels, if present


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was found. On April 6th the tube was found to be very rich in round bodies

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State board of medical examiners. Norihwest. Lancet,

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diameter, so as to allow it to go into the neck of a

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acter of the sputum are far more important for the arrival of a correct

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The importance of these can scarcely be overestimated.

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ing red blood. This state of things was confined to the stomach alone.

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primary nephritis from infection with the Eberth bacillus,

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Governor, Mrs. President, etc. ; pants, for trousers ; party

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the triple duties of medical investigation, and registration of

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haled from its free surface, analogous to the serum of the blood ;

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digital exploration of the bladder, with a view to ureter-

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fect the system, and produce all the varied phenomena of the respective

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with their surroundings as chickens usually do, and

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over the heart, but only on inspu-ation, so that the probability

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teriorily, on the right side, there was an area of dullness, a

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covering up the disagreeable taste of other medicines,

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cord, or both. The first is called cerebral, the sec-

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tional disease, characterized by a febrile movement and

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of acid. It gave no precipitate with an excess of nitric acid, un-

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Aware that the alkaline basis of sulphate of quinine possesses some of the

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