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smaller lesions the opaque necrotic material was dry and friable. The liver

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the priceless jewel of health is at stake the sufferer should prefer

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uterine injections of pure cultures of abortion bacilli placental

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which the bleeding manifestly rapidly relieved while the convulsions

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she recovered without further incident or so far as I could

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no appreciable amount of pain. Another is the conclusive evi

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tues will feel interested on hearing that Mr Battley has bestowed

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e.xtravasation of blood of long standing. The muscles in the immediate

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Centrifuging was carried out by the use of a continuous feed type of

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resort to operative procedure he did not think sufficient

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corresponds with the mid piece and the supernatant fluid with the end piece

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Monkey as in the above experiment. The animal remained well for days.

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tion of the tcxtural parts. In this way gangrene may arise in

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solids of milk but it is provided that No milk shall

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return to normal. In addition ARDS is characterized by

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ing inoculation. Coagulation of the milk did not ensue.

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toes are strongly flexed upon the plantar surface and the foot is inverted.

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a large number of the sufferers could undoubtedly be con

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cold douche frictions amp c. all of which are worthy of trial but

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pyometra we decided to remove the corpus luteum without at

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happy families are begotten under these circumstances. In women the

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cated that she visualized the situation realizing that

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Cattle legislation in Austria. At the session of the Aus

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to approach the skin with the consequent danger of infection from